The Neighborhood

Beacon Hill Townhomes

Located in the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. Part of a 50-unit condominium townhome development facing Beacon Hill Commons, within walking distance of Hospital Hill.

Urban Life | Eco Style

The Beacon Hill Townhomes allow residents to enjoy all of the excitement of an urban setting, while at the same time offering the cost savings and environmental benefits of green living.

Boveri Realty Group

For more information on Beacon Hill Townhomes, contact Christina Boveri.

Greener Location

Sustainability starts with where we choose to live. This residence is located within an established urban area with access to existing utility and transportation systems. Many employment centers and amenities are within walking distance to our location, or a short drive, trip on a bike, or bus ride. For convenience, this residence includes garage space for two personal automobiles, but additional transportation options are available and convenient to the neighborhood.

Green Features