The Neighborhood

Beacon Hill Townhomes

Located in the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. Part of a 50-unit condominium townhome development facing Beacon Hill Commons, within walking distance of Hospital Hill.

Urban Life | Eco Style

The Beacon Hill Townhomes allow residents to enjoy all of the excitement of an urban setting, while at the same time offering the cost savings and environmental benefits of green living.

Boveri Realty Group

For more information on Beacon Hill Townhomes, contact Christina Boveri.

Sealed Ducts

All ductwork in the home is completely sealed, ensuring that conditioned air is delivered directly to intended locations. This saves energy and provides a more consistent indoor temperature. Ductwork located in the attic above the second floor is insulated to prevent unwanted heat loss or heat gain. Penetrations into the attic for ductwork are completely sealed at the perimeter. An independent testing agency measured duct leakage by sealing off all grills and registers and testing air leakage, verifying that leakage amounts were below the maximum allowed for Energy Star Homes.

Green Features