The Neighborhood

Beacon Hill Townhomes

Located in the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. Part of a 50-unit condominium townhome development facing Beacon Hill Commons, within walking distance of Hospital Hill.

Urban Life | Eco Style

The Beacon Hill Townhomes allow residents to enjoy all of the excitement of an urban setting, while at the same time offering the cost savings and environmental benefits of green living.

Boveri Realty Group

For more information on Beacon Hill Townhomes, contact Christina Boveri.

Planet Friendly Air Conditioning

This residence features a high efficiency, state-of-the art heat pump with efficiency values that meet the stringent Energy Star Homes requirement. In addition, these units use a specially formulated refrigerant which does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Kansas City Power and Light will charge a special low rate during the heating months (September 16 through May 15) due to the high efficiency heat pump installation.

Green Features