The Neighborhood

Beacon Hill Townhomes

Located in the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. Part of a 6-unit condominium townhome development facing Beacon Hill Commons, within walking distance of Hospital Hill.

Urban Life | Eco Style

The Beacon Hill Townhomes allow residents to enjoy all of the excitement of an urban setting, while at the same time offering the cost savings and environmental benefits of green living.

Boveri Realty Group

For more information on Beacon Hill Townhomes, contact Christina Boveri.

UC-B Home Builders, LLC

For more information on UC-B Home Builders, contact Lance Carlton.

R.J. Kietzman

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RH Frye Builders
John Broker at 816.918.5359
Beacon Hill Neighborhood

Single-family Homes

Beacon Hill offers over 300 new building sites for single-family houses, attached and detached, in addition to 100 fully renovated traditional and historic Kansas City houses.

Beacon Hill is designed as a traditional Kansas City neighborhood with a pedestrian orientation and streetscape, rear lanes for garage access, open space and neighborhood amenities such as a community center, retail live/work spaces, and commercial lofts. Additionally, historic Robinson Hospital has been redeveloped as the Residences of West Paseo, an elder housing development for 45 residents.

Available Lots

All Single infill family lots in the Northwest Quadrant have been sold. New single family lots are available on Beacon Hill Lane. Click here to view the plat. For Beacon Hill Lane lots call Christina Boveri at 816-333-4545. For general Beacon Hill information, contact Dan Musser at Beacon Hill Developers, 816-512-1003 or